Happy B’Day Mr. Hubby From Rynee


Seperti yg dijanjikan, upload pic my hubby’s bufday.. Sama kan ngan title yg aku post..  Hehe😀

Nie cupcake aku order kira 3 ari sblm bufday Mr. Hubby, terima kasih kpd Azean HomeMade coz bg design yg lawa. N taste mmg memuaskan hati.. Next tyme will try another flavour.. Chewah!!

Malas mo byk cita, lets picture tell da story.. hihi

06.11.2010 – tepat 00:00 wish bufday to Mr. Hubby

Terima Kasih byk2 ngan my brother n sis in law tlg bt surprise utk Mr. Rahman nie.. hehe

Lurve U, Mr. Rahman


Kecian my niece, mo ttdo celebrate bufday.. Nie pun my brother yg spend McD, pkul 00:00++ lg tue went to McD..

My best buddy, Ekyn & Maznah.. Da next day, tmnkn hubby p cut his new hair style..

Taddaaa, new hair style.. Tp Mr. Rahman xbrapa suka la pla..

Mmg memenatkan jg la tyme bufday Mr. Rahman, nie mesti tagih nie bufday aku thn depan.. huhu

Okie la, nie mo blk sdh dr tpt keja.. Maybe Mr. Rahman sdh tunggu d bwh kot..


November 8, 2010. Family.

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