February Around Da Corner

Wah!! February around da corner..

Rasanya macam kejap ja, sdh bersilih ganti hari..

Hmm, nampaknya bulan Februari nie Im starting a new job, a new environment, a new friend and a new post..

Maybe nie la peluang aku untuk gain more experience with this company.. Banyak cita yg terjadi ngan wa minggu nie.. Rasanya mcm xpercaya bila aku dpt offer keja tpt len..

Bukan xbest keja d tpt skrg nie, cuma I didnt satisfied with the pay.. Bila aku p interview aritue, bos tue ckp dia xmo aku pindah keja nie psl gaji dia bg aku tinggi dr gaji yg aku dpt skrg.. Btul la jg pa dia ckp tue..

Tp honestly aku mmg ckp tyme interview tue aku xpuas ati ngan gaji skrg nie..

Aku apply nie job by email ja, tue pun ujung thn 2009 sdh.. Pastue wa dpt panggilan interview, tu pun mengejut nie.. Teda preparation langsung utk interview kali nie..

2 days mcm tue, dpt email dr dia yg mengatakan we would like to offer you the job.. Masa tue excited la, happy pun ada.. Tp wa x terus reply tue email.. Coz Im waiting the SPA result..

So, today my result SPA sdh pun kuar.. Unfortunately, I didnt get that job..

Trus la wa reply n give the confirmation my acceptance with this job.. Sblm tue, awl2 pagi wa dpt msg dr bos about am I interested or not.. Otherwise, he will offer other..

Wa tkut mo trima 1st, mn tau government pun dpt.. Maybe sdh rezeki wa d swasta kot..

So, I decided to tender my resignation letter by next week.. Hopefully my supervisor x sakit jantung la.. Best keja ngan my supervisor nie.. Baik orangnya and understanding.. Bleh bertolak ansur ngan dia..

Lastly, wish me luck k for next week.. Arap2 aku x nervous bila tender tue resignation letter..

Okie, Daaarrrrr!!


January 22, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Nova Imoet replied:

    tak terasa udah hampir sbulan 2010

    • rynee replied:

      yeah lho… anyway, thanks 4 leaving ur comment in my lil blog…

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