My Thought

Hmmm, wa pening betul arinie!!!!

Ada yang mengganggu fikiran wa.. So, wa mo share ngan kengkawan..

I was thinking this matter since yesterday..  Do u know what the matter is??

I realise that my English is very poor.. My toungue also oready keras utk bercakap dalam Bahasa Inggeris.. Many of ways Im thinking how to improve my English..

Is it my English very terrible?? Hmm, maybe.. Actually I have a lot of experience interview in English, but its doesnt make me scared to speak in English.. I do not know whether my grammar ok or not.. Asalkan lepas dr interview, huhu..

Maybe psl tue juga, I did not pass or success any interview.. If success pun, maybe its my luck.. L.O.L

So, start from now onwards I want to start writting my baby blog in English.. Not at all la,  so that I can improve my writting skills.. Huhu

Before this, I had English Class when I did my practical at SFFM.. I learn English because of my late Mom ask me, she knew that my English not very goog enough.. I do not have any confident of it.

I still remember my teacher said about the English.. “Actually English is very simple to learn than Bahasa, u know y?? English have their own rules, never change.. Example they have singular n plural, present tense, past tense and more than that.. The important is ur grammar.”

Kadang2 kita rsa malu ngan org kita sendiri.. Bila kta ckp english salah, org kita bukan mo tolong betulkan.. Malah ketawakan ada la..

Tp yg eran klo kta bercakap ngan org putih, mereka xpernah ketawakan.. Mereka cuba untuk faham pa yang kta hendak sampaikan.. Sedangkan org putih pun xperfect ngan bahasa mereka, mcm juga kita xperfect dalam bahasa ibunda kita..

Pa kata Nabil Raja Lawak?? “LU FIKIR LA SENDIRI”


December 23, 2009. Uncategorized.

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