Hang Out with My Fwenz

Yuhuu.. Arini aku berkesempatan utk update my diaries..

Last week, my best buddy, ekyn baru blk dr kk with her friends (Anna & Fiffy).. So, dorang nie mo jalan2 cari makan di pulau Labuan nie.. Nasib tyme tue aku teda keja, tue la aku volunteer utk jd drg punya tourist guide konon.. Hehe

Day 1..

Me, Ekyn, Anna, Fiffy

War Memorial

UMSKAL, Anna & Fiffy teringin sangat mo melawat.. Besala, drg nie student UMSKK.. 😀

Guess, di mana kami berada pas UMSKAL??


Teringat tyme kecik2 bha.. Huhu

Nie bergayut smbil pose.. Wah!!

Rynee 😀

Okla, for tonite nie ja la yg aku dpt share with u all.. Will be continue for the next post..


July 6, 2009. Friend.

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