Rynee’s CupCake

Hye Guys…

Sorry la lama xberblog, baru arini sya dapat meluangkan masa d depan pc..

Beberapa ari nie, btul2 teda masa mo melelapkan mata n rehat yg secukupnya.. Pa xnya, bz ngan bisnes n my part time job..

Cari rezeki la org bilang, šŸ˜€

Chocolate Flavour

Pandan Mint Flavour

Sebelum tue, thanks to vie for those picture n ur support.. Tyme nie dia kelam kabut sdh mo p kerja.. Bleh lg amik gmbr cupcake aku.. Hihi šŸ˜€

N sesiapa yg mo menempah cupcake aku nie sempena bufday party ka, ataupun dijadikan sebagai souvenir, atau dijadikan sebagai hadiah utk org tersayang, bleh la kontek no tepon yg tertera dlm gambar di atas ye…

Buat masa nie, aku buat dua flavour iaitu Chocolate n Pandan Mint.. Maybe bila bisnes berjalan ngan lancar, aku akan bt flavour baru lg.. Hope u guys wish me luck in this business.. šŸ˜€


June 10, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. vie replied:

    Hye Rynee,

    I am so proud of you and yes your cupcake is delicious!
    Taking those pix for you, was worth it, for such a dear friend like you, anytime!

    To all, the cupcake is really delicious. I ordered from Rynee (via YM lagi tuh hehehehe), twice already… I love it and you should try it!

    Her Sardin roll also nice, I ordered yesterday and also for today hihihih…

    Keep up the good job and looking and all the best ya!

    • rynee replied:

      Thanks vie n enjoy my cupcake yeah…:D

  2. vie replied:

    mo order $2.00 punya sardin roll for tomorrow morning ya…

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