Photo By Me

Congrats to Naleesa & Hairie for their wedding on 13 & 14 Mac..

Selamat Pengantin Baru!!

Hmm, nie aku mo share la picture yg aku amik sebelum mereka bergelar suami isteri..

Drg hire VML-Photography for their package pre-wedding.. So, I take the change to learn about photogrpahy from Vie & TC..

Here the Photo, taaadaaa

Yeah, photo by me.. Hehe

Nie ja la, I can share my picture yg x seberapa.. Chewah!! Hubby aku ckp aku ni masi anak bulan..

So, byk lg la yg mo dipelajari n diperbaiki.. Klo ada pa pandangan or pendapat, jan segan2 bgtau aku k.. Senang aku memperbaiki lg.. 😀

K  la, tu ja la utk mlm nie.. Ngantuk sdh…Warrrrggghhh!!!


March 15, 2009. VML Team.


  1. :..vie..: replied:

    Hye Rynee,

    I hope you had fun with us that day!
    We shall do it again some other time ya..
    I haven’t have time to go thru the pix u taken during Eqa’s session. Once I am thru with, I’ll give you a call kay.

    Take care!

    • rynee replied:

      Hye Vie,
      Im really had fun n Im sure that we will do it again.. Hehe
      Its okie, maybe next tyme u can give it..

      U too, take care..

  2. :..vie..: replied:

    garage sales in near, dun forget to inform all your friends yah

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