Pink - My Fav Singer

Pink - My Fav Singer

Taadddaaaa.. Today Im so bowink la.. Nothing to do.. 😀

So, saya tgh fkr-fkr ttg idea mo bt bufday party nie..  Xla saya waste my time daripada teda mo dibuat.. Actually my fav la suka bg surprise sma org bila tiba drg punya bufday.. Example my husband, Rahman.. Betul2 dia surprise ni yg I can did his bufday party with his family and my family baru-baru nie (06/11/2008).. Luckly, he was happy.. 😀

Saya ada tgk nie website, bowink sdh la bt besa-besa punya bufday party nie.. Once I saw this website, its very attractive.. Banyak theme yg kta bleh bt utk bufday party nie..

Ngam jg la, utk our VML – PA nie.. From this website, Im interested with the RockStar theme, because its very related what we gonna do for the Next Year bkn New Year tau.. hihi, ada planning gitu for VML – PA

Thats y I took this picture because its really related with this kind of RockStar theme.. But selain itu ada meaning jg.. Wah!! mestila secret-secret, nnt xla best..Huhu (This sugestion from VML – PA Vie for this Party)

Maybe we the VML – PA will use this theme for our party.. But don’t know when we will use for it.. huhu

So, xcited to do this theme for our party..

This is how we can learn how to decorating the party.. I got this one from “Birthday Part Ideas

Decorating Party

Set the stage with these fun rock star party decorating ideas:

  • Have your guests come to the party dressed as their favorite music stars.
  • Fill the room with inflatable guitars and other rock-star party decorations.
  • Run a “red carpet” up to your door using a roll of red gift wrap paper.
  • Draw a star for each guest on the driveway using chalk, and write one child’s name in each star.
  • Hang a sign on your front door saying “Rock Concert Tonight-Sold Out!”
  • Use our personalized rock star bag tags from Birthday in a Box as “Backstage Passes”, and mail them with the invitations or hand one to each guest as they arrive. (Our sister site, Birthday in a Box, can print a tag for each of your guests that says “[guest name]’s Backstage Pass” or they can put a generic message on all of the tags you order.)
  • Create a stage area where your guests can sing and/or dance. First, get a plain white sheet to use as the background, and paint on huge speakers. Then, hang the sheet on the wall, and outline it with clear lights. Or, just designate the floor space in front of your windows as the stage area. Then all you need to do is close the curtains and hang a string of clear lights around the window frame.
  • Balloons and more balloons will really set the mood! A group of star-shaped balloons can anchor each corner of the stage area. Or, mix metallic and/or colorful balloons, and place them in groups of five around the party space. You can either tie the balloons to objects in the party area or attach them to balloon weights.
  • Hang posters of bands or singers around the party space.
  • Write your guests’ names on stars, and hang them on the walls or from the ceiling.
  • Set up a dressing room area, and let the kids “glam” themselves up with glitter hair spray, hair gel, stick-on body jewels and temporary tattoos. For older kids, add makeup and body glitter.
  • Hand out glow sticks for that “live concert” feeling.
  • Set out a few disposable cameras so your guests can take pictures during the party. They’re sure to get some great shots.
  • Rent a flashing disco ball, strobe lights and/or black lights for added fun.

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  1. vivalova replied:

    wow wee… good post. Very informative!

  2. rynee replied:

    hihi, thanks vie.. 🙂

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