This picture I took from this WEB http://www.ballerinagrape.com..

Im thinking I want to get this dresses for me..


Tyme kecik-kecik dulu, ingat lagi my grandma suka buat kain mcm ni utk jd

blanket kami bha..

x sangka pla, bleh bt jd dresses.. Good Idea owh..

So, sepa yg berkenan with this dresses, u can see at this webpage..

U can order n buy from that page!! Hope u all like it..

November 28, 2008. Fashion.


  1. vivalova replied:


    Congrats! Finally another new user of wordpress….. Ceh wah, macam dpt commission jak aku ni kan.. siap bagi free tutorial lagi gituπŸ˜‰

    errr…. me also want 1 worr…πŸ™‚
    I like the pink and purple, but since you like purple,
    I’ll take pink konon….:D


  2. rynee replied:

    Thanks v.. ok la tu FOC.. hihi

    of course i like the purple, bleh bha u take the pink color..

    klo p kuar, kta bleh pkai together.. mcm siblings la pla.. LOL!!

  3. Viv replied:

    au eh… tapi nda pa…
    ok bah tu…πŸ™‚

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